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ItemLike NewGoodPoorDate PostedCode
Mountain Bike Rally/Speed Racer$1500$1200$3001/14/2016
Star Fox: Super Weekend (Official Competition)$1500$1200$3001/24/2016
Aero Fighters$500$400$1001/1/2016
Wild Guns$300$240$601/29/2016
Final Fight Guy$275$220$551/12/2016
Metal Warriors$260$208$521/14/2016
E.V.O. Search for Eden$250$200$501/10/2016
Pocky & Rocky 2$250$200$501/21/2016
Harvest Moon$225$180$451/13/2016 X
Mega Man X3$225$180$451/14/2016
Mega Man 7$215$172$431/14/2016
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy$200$160$401/17/2016
Super Turrican 2$180$144$361/24/2016
The Ninja Warriors$175$140$351/17/2016
Castlevania Dracula X$170$136$341/6/2016
Space Megaforce$160$128$321/24/2016
Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus$150$120$301/4/2016
Chrono Trigger$150$120$301/6/2016 X
Ogre Battle: March of the black Queen$150$120$301/19/2016
Super 3D Noah's Ark$150$120$301/24/2016
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel$150$120$301/2/2016
Final Fight 3$135$108$271/12/2016
Captain Commando$130$104$261/6/2016
Demon's Crest$125$100$251/6/2016
Pocky & Rocky$125$100$251/21/2016
3 Ninjas Kick Back$115$92$231/1/2016
Ghoul Patrol$115$92$231/12/2016
The Adventures of Batman and Robin$110$88$221/1/2016
R-Type III: The Third Lightning$105$84$211/23/2016
Knights of the Round$100$80$201/14/2016 X
Mega Man X2$100$80$201/14/2016

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