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GameLike NewGoodPoorDate PostedCode
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team$140$112$2812/27/2015
Secret Scout$200$160$4012/27/2015
Section Z$5$4$112/27/2015
Seicross$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Sesame Street 1-2-3$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Sesame Street A-B-C$5$4$112/27/2015
Sesame Street A-B-C & 1-2-3$10$8$212/27/2015
Sesame Street: Big Birds Hide and Speak$5$4$112/27/2015
Sesame Street: Countdown$15$12$312/27/2015
Shadow of the Ninja$40$32$812/27/2015
Shingen the Ruler$10$8$212/27/2015
Shooting Range$10$8$212/27/2015
Short Order/Eggsplode$10$8$212/27/2015
Side Pocket$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Silent Assault$25$20$512/27/2015
Silent Service$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Silver Surfer$20$16$412/27/2015
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants$10$8$212/27/2015 X
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World$10$8$212/27/2015
The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man$20$16$412/27/2015
Skate or Die!$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble$10$8$212/27/2015
Ski or Die$10$8$212/27/2015
Skull and Crossbones$10$8$212/27/2015
Sky Kid$10$8$212/27/2015
Sky Shark$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Smash TV$10$8$212/27/2015
Snake Rattle N Roll$10$8$212/27/2015
Snake's Revenge$15$12$312/27/2015
Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular$10$8$212/27/2015
Snow Brothers$275$220$5512/27/2015
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship$5$4$112/27/2015
Solomons Key$10$8$212/27/2015
Solstice$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Space Shuttle Project$15$12$312/27/2015
Spider Man: Return of the Sinister Six$10$8$212/27/2015 X
Spiritual Warfare$15$12$312/27/2015
Spy Hunter$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Spy vs. Spy$10$8$212/27/2015
Stack Up$60$48$1212/27/2015
Stadium Events$10000$8000$200012/27/2015
Stanley and the Search for Dr. Livingston$20$16$412/27/2015
Star Force$10$8$212/27/2015 X
Star Soldier$5$4$112/27/2015
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary$10$8$212/27/2015
Star Trek: The Next Generation$25$20$512/27/2015
Star Voyager$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Star Wars$25$20$512/27/2015
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back$40$32$812/27/2015
Starship Hector$15$12$312/27/2015
StarTropics$10$8$212/27/2015 X
Stealth ATF$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Street Cop$20$16$412/27/2015
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight$10$8$212/27/2015
Stunt Kids$40$32$812/27/2015
Sunday Funday$190$152$3812/27/2015
Super C$30$24$612/27/2015 X
Super Cars$20$16$412/27/2015
Super Dodge Ball$20$16$412/27/2015
Super Glove Ball$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Super Jeopardy!$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Super Mario Brothers$10$8$212/27/2015 X
Super Mario Brothers 2$35$28$712/27/2015 X
Super Mario Brothers 3$25$20$512/27/2015 X
Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt $10$8$212/27/2015 X
Super Mario Brother/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet$10$8$212/27/2015 X
Super Pitfall$10$8$212/27/2015
Super Spike Volleyball$5$4$112/27/2015
Super Spike Volleyball/World Cup Soccer$10$8$212/27/2015 X
Super Sprint$10$8$212/27/2015 X
Super Spy Hunter$35$28$712/27/2015
Super Team Games$5$4$112/27/2015
Swamp Thing$85$58$1712/27/2015
Sword Master$125$100$2512/27/2015
Swords and Serpents$5$4$112/27/2015 X
Total S Games = 89 25

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