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GameLike NewGoodPoorDate PostedLink
Racket Attack$5$4$112/26/2015
Rad Racer$5$4$112/26/2015 X
Rad Racer II$10$8$212/26/2015
Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis II$60$48$1212/26/2015
Raid 2020$20$16$412/26/2015
Raid on Bungeling Bay$10$8$212/26/2015
Rainbow Islands$40$32$812/26/2015
Rally Bike$10$8$212/26/2015 X
Rambo$10$8$212/26/2015 X
Rampage$15$12$312/26/2015 X
Rampart$15$12$312/26/2015 X
RBI Baseball$10$8$212/26/2015
RBI Baseball II$10$8$212/26/2015
RBI Baseball III$10$8$212/26/2015
R.C. Pro-Am$10$8$212/26/2015
R.C. Pro-Am II$75$60$1512/26/2015
Remote Control$5$4$112/26/2015 X
The Ren and Stimpy Show: Buckaroo$$15$12$312/26/2015
Rescue: The Embassy Mission$5$4$112/26/2015 X
Ring King$10$8$212/26/2015 X
River City Ransom$20$16$412/26/2015

GameLike NewGoodPoorDate PostedLink
Road Runner$10$8$212/26/2015
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves$10$8$212/26/2015 X
RoboCop 2$15$12$312/26/2015
RoboCop 3$25$20$512/26/2015
Robo Demons$25$16$512/26/2015
Rock 'n Ball$5$4$112/26/2015
Rocket Ranger$5$4$112/26/2015
The Rocketeer$10$8$212/26/2015
Rockin' Kats$85$68$1712/26/2015
Roger Clemen's MVP Baseball$5$4$112/26/2015
Rollerball$5$4$112/26/2015 X
Rollerblade Racer$20$16$412/26/2015 X
Roller Games$5$4$112/26/2015
Rolling Thunder$10$8$212/26/2015 X
Romance of the Three Kingdoms$10$8$212/26/2015
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II$100$80$2012/26/2015
Roundball: 2 on 2 Challenge$10$8$212/26/2015
Rush 'n Attack$5$4$112/26/2015 X
Rygar$15$12$312/26/2015 X
Total R Games = 45 14

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