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GameLike NewGoodPoorDate PostedLink
Mach Rider$10$8$212/23/2015 X
Mad Max$15$12$312/23/2015
The Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13 II$10$8$212/23/2015
Magic Darts$10$8$212/23/2015
Magic Johnson's Fast Break$5$4$112/23/2015 X
Magmax$5$4$112/23/2015 X
Major League Baseball$5$4$112/23/2015 X
Maniac Mansion$25$20$512/23/2015 X
Marble Madness$10$8$212/23/2015
Mario Brothers$25$20$512/23/2015
Mario is Missing!$20$16$412/23/2015
Mario's Time Machine$90$72$1812/23/2015
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu$40$32$812/23/2015
Maxi 15$75$60$1512/23/2015
M.C. Kids$15$12$312/23/2015 X
Mechanized Attack$15$12$312/23/2015 X
Mega Man$90$72$1812/23/2015 X
Mega Man 2$30$24$612/23/2015 X
Mega Man 3$30$24$612/23/2015 X
Mega Man 4$45$36$912/23/2015 X
Mega Man 5$120$96$2412/23/2015 X
Mega Man 6$60$48$1212/23/2015 X
Menace Beach$175$140$3512/23/2015
Mendel Palace$15$12$312/23/2015
Mermaids of Atlantis$45$36$912/23/2015
Metal Fighter$20$16$412/23/2015
Metal Gear$15$12$312/23/2015 X
Metal Mech$15$12$312/23/2015 X
Metal Storm$120$96$1412/23/2015
Michael Andretti's World GP$5$4$112/23/2015
Mickey Mousecapade$5$4$112/23/2015 X
Mickey's Adventures in Numberland$30$24$612/23/2015
Mickey's Safari in Letterland$10$8$212/23/2015
Micro Machines$25$20$512/23/2015
Micro Machines (Aladdin Enhanced Compact Cartridge)$20$16$412/23/2015
Mig 29 Soviet Fighter$10$8$212/23/2015
Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum$80$64$1612/23/2015 X
Mighty Bomb Jack$10$8$212/23/2015
Mighty Final Fight$200$160$4012/23/2015
Mike Tyson's Punchout!$35$28$712/23/2015 X
Millipede$5$4$112/23/2015 X
Milon's Secret Castle$5$4$112/23/2015 X
Miracle Piano Teaching System (Cart Only) $10$8$212/23/2015
Mission Cobra$40$32$812/23/2015
Mission: Impossible$5$4$112/23/2015
Monster in My Pocket$35$28$712/23/2015
Monster Party$15$12$312/23/2015
Monster Truck Rally$20$16$412/23/2015
Moon Ranger$125$100$2512/23/2015
Motor City Patrol$35$28$712/23/2015
Ms. Pac Man (Namco)$50$40$1012/23/2015
Ms. Pac Man (Tengen)$20$16$412/23/2015
Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival$5$4$112/23/2015
Mystery Quest$5$4$112/23/2015
Total M Games = 60 20

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