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Q: What are your condition guidelines?

A: Condition guidelines are posted on the bottom half the main page.

Q: What currency do you use?

A: U.S. Dollars.

Q: Why isn't my game listed?

A: Check for an alternate title, e.g. "The Legend of Zelda" is listed under "L" for "Legend", not "Z" for "Zelda". If you still can't find it, it was most likely not released in North America or could be some unlicensed game we are not aware of.

Q: Why do some games have a $0 price?

A: All game prices are rounded to the nearesst dollar and extremely common games are essentially worthless, hence the $0 price on some poor condition games.

Q: Why are the "Nintendo World Championships" cartridges worth so much?

A: They are the rarest of all the original Nintendo games, there are only 90 gray cartridges and 26 gold. Gray cartridges are individually numbered and were distributed to the final competitors of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, which was loosley based on the movie "Wizard". The 26 gold cartridges were given away in a "Nintendo Power" magazine contest.

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