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ItemLike NewGoodPoorDate PostedNotesLink
NES Original Console$75$60$1512/24/2015w/ RF switch, AV cables and AC adapter
NES 2 Top Loading Console$100$80$2012/24/2015w/ RF switch and AC adapter
NES Original Controller$10$8$212/24/2015--
NES Dogbone Controller$20$16$412/24/2015--
NES Max Controller$15$12$312/24/2015--
NES Advantage Joystick$25$20$512/24/2015--
NES Zapper $15$12$312/24/2015Gray or Orange
NES Power Glove$125$100$2512/24/2015w/ sensors
NES R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)$200$160$4012/24/2015Complete
NES Power Pad$20$16$412/24/2015--
NES Four Score$25$20$512/24/2015--
NES Satelite$25$20$512/24/2015w/ sensor
Galoob Game Genie$10$8$212/24/2015--
Miracle Piano Teaching System $150$12$3012/24/2015Complete
Aladdin Deck Enhancer$25$20$512/24/2015--
Acclaim Remote Controller$25$20$512/24/2015w/ sensor
Acclaim Double Player Wireless Controllers$50$40$1012/24/2015set of 2 w/ sensor

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