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Welcome to, your source for the current rates on old Nintendo® games, systems and accesories. Prices are based on various sale rates and opinions from Nintendo collectors. For cartridge systems, prices listed are for cartridges only, many collectors pay higher prices for complete sets with boxes and instructions. Disc system prices are for complete games including the original disc case and manual. This site is owned and operated by a Nintendo collector and enthusiast, and is in no way affiliated with the Nintendo corporation. Nintendo® maintains numerous trademarks on its products, and possesses the legal rights there afforded.

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Condition Guidelines

We use 5 standard conditions for pricing but only list three, so you have to interpolate for in between conditions, i.e. "Very Good" should fall half way between "Like New" and "Good", and likewise "Fair" should fall between "Good" and "Poor". We do not price any items that are new in box (because they are very rare), complete in box (because there are vastly differing opinions on what should be paid for these) or non working (because they may be worthless). All console and accessory prices reflect original Nintendo products, we do not price most third party accessories.

Like New - Clean, no markings, scrathes or wear on cartridge or label and in perfect working condition. Looks like it just came out of the box.

Very Good - Looks almost like new but may show some very minor imperfections such as label indents or a small number of faint scratches on the label or cartridge. Also should be in perfect working condition.

Good - In perfect working condition, but may show signs of age such as minor wear/scratches on the label and/or cartridge. Any games which show some discoloration to the cartridge or label but are otherwise ok should fall into this category. Games with very small tears to the back or top label or small markings to the back of the cartridge only may fall into this category as well.

Fair - Several games could fall into this category such as those which look to be in outstanding condition but may not always work properly, or which may be aesthetically inferior to those conditions above. Any game which has a rental or other kind of sticker whose removal would likely cause damage to the game label or cartridge should be classified here. A cartridge which has been written on with permanent marker in large (back) or noticeable (front) areas, but is otherwise in excellent condition should be classified here.

Poor - Noticeable wear, scratches and/or heavy marking, may not always work properly (likely needs cleaning). Any game with a noticeably torn front label or which has been written on heavily with permanent marker should fall into this category.

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